Coleman Phadx3 tent.

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Coleman Phadx3 tent.

Postby Paul Lingard » 02 Mar 2013, 16:56

It's looking more and more like the Coleman Phadx3 is becoming the choice of the BritSToc campers.
There are now four of us to my knowledge who own this tent. Me, Peter M, Bob Mc and Keith L.
I'm wondering why? what makes you happy with the Phadx3 tell the others. I will start.

The price was/is affordable. Now about £200 mark and under shop around.

The size is good
Sleep area is 210cm, perfect for a six footer like me.
Its 170cm wide no way that's a three man in my book but ideal 2 man.

It has a good size annex, boot's helmet wet gear swallowed up easy within, keeping the sleeping area clean and dry.
Weight and size packed up
56cm x 23cm and weighs 3.5kg

It fit's in either a top box or pannier with space to spare.
What I do like is the fact that it packs down to this size after use, not like some that are a pain to get back in the bag as they seem to grow.

Ease of pitching
It's an easy tent to put up no more than ten minutes taking your time. Great if you arrive late at your pitch or it's raining.

Weather proof.
It's rain proof obviously.
I have used it in hail no problems there.
This is the great thing though, I have never had, or known a tent to behave so well in windy conditions. It's by far the most stable tent I know. If you have to use all the guy ropes then your in hurricane conditions.

The front annex ground sheet the one that gets all the dirt is zip out. Brilliant for packing up unzip it put it in a bin liner and pack away your not getting filth all over the material of the tent.
The inner sleeping area is attached to the outer with toggles easy to take out turn inside out and shake the midnight feast crumbs out. Easy to put in the washing machine too.
Ventilation is excellent ground level and roof level dedicated vents. Not just open the door for ventilation. The roof vent's can be left open in the rain too with no ingress. The annex has two doors either side which makes choosing a pitch all that much easier too. You can pitch next to a fence and still face which ever way you choose. The inner door has a mesh zip door and a solid cloth door too. As does the annex window.
Another thing that I like is it's colour, not just because I like the colour, but because it's the sort of colour that as soon as the sun comes up it dosen't have the effect that a flood light just came on in your tent.
Only the one. I think that there isn't enough pocket storage areas in the tent. I like somewhere to put a watch, small torch, phone,medicines and such things within easy reach when I'm in the sleeping bag I can't do this in the Phadx3.

I'm seriously impressed with this tent and recommend it highly.
Over to the other owners to give there individual likes and maybe dislikes.
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Re: Coleman Phadx3 tent.

Postby BB08 MCN » 02 Mar 2013, 17:33

How can anyone say any more? You have covered all avenues there, i would just be saying the same things.

And thats why i bought a second one, ready for the first to wear out...

Oh, and its definatly worth getting a stone sheet for underneath, with a seperate bag to keep it in, then if you get mud/grass/cowpoo/water underneath it doesn't get on the groundsheet, and the contminated stone sheet can go into its own bag until it can be cleaned/dryed, also handy when on a trip with lots of erections. :oops: oooh errre.
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Re: Coleman Phadx3 tent.

Postby PeterPan » 02 Mar 2013, 18:10

I agree with all that has been said before.

The way it acts in the wind is one of the best things I have ever seen.

It's also the best tent in the world to put up by oneself.

Most of the guys on my tent have never even been used. And if you saw the wind we had on Mull during NotSToc you would be impressed.

I think I paid about £130 for mine but that was few years ago.

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Re: Coleman Phadx3 tent.

Postby Keith Legge » 02 Mar 2013, 18:19

Only just got mine so haven't used it yet will comment after Scotland trip.

Ordered from Amazon for £125 after 2 months it still hadn't arrived so i cancelled it and ordered from Ebay for £140 it arrived within 3 days.

Amazon Sucks don't advertise if you haven't got the product. Theres a review. :lol:
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